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Best techniques and cooking methods to make Tofu tasty

Tofu has taken the vegan scene by storm. It is everywhere. In BBQ, Indian, Chinese cuisines just to name a few. It is fried, boiled, baked and crumbled. But it is also very scary to try to cook at home. Many of you may have tried and failed miserably, including myself. BUT, we have a guide to ensure this never happens again.

Easy sustainable, eco beauty regime substitutes

Worldwide there's an increasing number of beauty products in our daily beauty regimes from anti-wrinkle creams to facial serums. In a UK survey of 1,000 women it showed that they spent £482 on cosmetics on average, just think of all that plastic!

Eco-friendly and sustainable plastic bag alternatives

As it’s the weekend and time for shopping and food prepping for the week ahead we thought this was the perfect article to share. There are a lot of environmental factors to consider when choosing an alternative bag and this is where the debate begins

Easy kitchen substitutes and swaps during Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is not about getting rid of all of your reusable plastics to replace them with sustainable eco versions. It's what we are doing with all the single-use wrappers, boxes and bags that are a big problem. So buckle up, take the challenge and see how many switches you can make in your kitchen alone this July.