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Quick vegan harissa squash hummus recipe

We are turning the flavour up with our butternut squash and harissa hummus. This is healthy, spicy and perfect for picnics, pre-dinner snacks and parties. Put it in wraps, burgers or just have with piping hot pitta.

The best, quick vegan guacamole recipe

It is hard to not be in the mood for guac and tortilla chips. Guacamole is often sold in plastic tubs which cannot be recycled in some areas, or are not washed after use and contaminate a whole recycling batch. Forget the plastic and make your own guacamole at home. It can be made in less than 10 minutes (and eaten in five!) so is great for making as soon as your guests arrive or just before you press 'play' at a movie night.

How to make your own environmentally friendly Christmas crackers

This Christmas avoid bringing unwanted plastic toys into your home and make your own Christmas crackers. No one ever really uses a mini set of cards, puzzle pieces, moustache combs or packs of dice. It is really easy to make your own crackers and fill them with goodies that your family will enjoy.

Did you know there is hidden plastic in tea bags?

The first part in our hidden plastic mini series is all about an everyday item that most of us in the UK use and dispose of 2-3 times a day on average. Plastic is quite literally everywhere, it’s hidden in products from drinks cans to chewing gum, but did you know it’s in your tea bags? Until recently neither did we

Easy sustainable, eco beauty regime substitutes

Worldwide there's an increasing number of beauty products in our daily beauty regimes from anti-wrinkle creams to facial serums. In a UK survey of 1,000 women it showed that they spent £482 on cosmetics on average, just think of all that plastic!

Our guide to Plastic Free July – how to cut down on single use plastic

As it’s the end of the month we are going to review all the tips we have shared this month and rate them as either easy, medium or hard. This little guide can now be tucked away in your pocket for future and if you’re feeling lazy but what an easy way to save the environment and reduce single use plastic in your life, just pull it out and have a look!