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Tag: eco substitutes

Guest blog: E.C.O. prize product review

I was lucky enough to win the E.C.O. prize giveaway when the blog first started. Not only was I very excited because I never win anything, I also couldn’t wait to try all the new products to make me an eco-friendlier person!

Easy, quick vegan cream cheese frosting recipe

While it seems unlikely that vegan cream cheese can taste the same as dairy it is definitely true! You can use this cream cheese on cakes (carrot and other), cupcakes, cinnamon swirls and so much more.

How to switch to sustainable menstrual cups

Great news! Year on year women around the globe are searching for more environmentally friendly ways to bleed. If you're thinking about switching to a menstrual cup here are a few good reasons why you probably should.

Did you know there is hidden plastic in tea bags?

The first part in our hidden plastic mini series is all about an everyday item that most of us in the UK use and dispose of 2-3 times a day on average. Plastic is quite literally everywhere, it’s hidden in products from drinks cans to chewing gum, but did you know it’s in your tea bags? Until recently neither did we