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The environmental Christmas Tree tradition is growing

ere have been great discussions this year as people become more environmentally conscious around the Christmas tree tradition. What is better for the planet – artificial or real? We have seen a new wave of innovation year on year as many have shunned the two traditional routes and created their own style of tree. Now that we all have our trees up and are counting down until Santa arrives, we wanted to show your our favourite eco trees this holiday season.

How to make your own environmentally friendly Christmas crackers

This Christmas avoid bringing unwanted plastic toys into your home and make your own Christmas crackers. No one ever really uses a mini set of cards, puzzle pieces, moustache combs or packs of dice. It is really easy to make your own crackers and fill them with goodies that your family will enjoy.

How to make quick vegan gravy for roast dinners

The Christmas lights and adverts are everywhere. One thing we are all looking forward to is Christmas Dinner. Many traditional gravy recipes use animal fats and vegetarian granules are processed and sometimes bland. Here we have our tried and tested vegan gravy which we will be pouring over our spuds on the 25th.

Have yourself a sustainable Christmas

: The season is upon us for mulled wine, mince pies and all things spiced. For us Christmas is all about time with friends and family, board games, gifts and a lovely filling dinner, but sadly it can be the most wasteful holiday of the year.

How to measure your environmental impact

While calculating your carbon production might not be top on your list of things to do it’s a great way of monitoring your environmental impact and will open your eyes to what you can do to improve it

Five common recycling myths busted!

Since becoming more eco we’ve heard, and believed, our fair share of myths around recycling. On reading up on this topic we found even more that we had believed! Here are our top five everyday recycling myths busted!

Plastic Free July in review, what we learnt

Over the past month millions of people across the world took up the challenge of Plastic Free July. The aim is to simply cut out single use plastics for the month but in reality how easy is it?

The eco friendly alternative to plastic tupperware

Do you ever wonder what we used before plastic tupperware? We've been using it for years and it has only come to light fairly recently that is isn't necessarily the healthiest material to be storing and reheating food in

Eco-friendly and sustainable plastic bag alternatives

As it’s the weekend and time for shopping and food prepping for the week ahead we thought this was the perfect article to share. There are a lot of environmental factors to consider when choosing an alternative bag and this is where the debate begins