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Category: Health & Beauty

The ECO vegan cookbook – our favourite, easy recipes

To celebrate the start of Veganuary we introduce our recipe book so far. These are all of our vegan recipes posted since we launched in July 2019, they have all been made and eaten (and enjoyed) by one of our E.C.O. team. We hope you can use these to help you to complete Veganuary, or just try new ways of cooking foods you already love.

Why you should take part in Veganuary 2020

Veganuary is a 31 day challenge to take part in Veganism. It gives you an opportunity to make a difference to your life and the lives of others on a trial basis. Not tying you into any contract or commitment, giving you a manageable amount of time to test a new lifestyle. We have four main reasons we think everyone should give Veganuary a go. Have a read and see if you think you can take the 31 day challenge!

How to switch to sustainable menstrual cups

Great news! Year on year women around the globe are searching for more environmentally friendly ways to bleed. If you're thinking about switching to a menstrual cup here are a few good reasons why you probably should.

How to recycle your bra for charity and help save the planet

Do you ever look in your bra drawer and think I’ve had that bra for far too long or it just doesn’t quite hold me in place? We’ve got a solution for you: donate your underwear to charities that send them to people in need or to companies that recycle them!

How to make your own dry shampoo and save plastic

If you have oily hair you will know what a life saver a can of dry shampoo can be. Until recently I had been using cans of dry shampoo but made the switch to (virtually) waste free after realising the impact of waste each can caused