A review of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper

Two years ago I was leaving a job and was given a seemly strange leaving gift. A brightly wrapped toilet roll. By then my team understood how much I cared about the environment and was always looking out for tips and tricks to share with me.

The best vegan flapjack recipe

Our 'Quick Vegan:' series are short, sharp pieces that get to the point. You're a busy person who needs to eat, so check out our simple recipes that get from screen to stomach in 20m or less

A note on being a shitty vegetarian

Taking on a new diet that comes along with a morality that inherently seems to shame others into being hostile towards you is strange. You go to every family gathering, set your timer to fifteen minutes, and as that alarm rings in your pocket, undoubtedly a gran or uncle will chime in also: ‘Are you still not eating meat?’

How to reduce your flying footprint and lower emissions

In fact, taking one flight can produce so many emissions that all the other eco things you do can be paled into insignificance. 1 mile in a plane produces the same amount of emissions as 4 miles in a car, and one flight can cover more miles than you would in an entire year driving to work every day