Weekly Environmental news update November 2019

This week has seen fires blazing in Australia, Christmas adverts galore, Syrian rebels breaking the government siege of Aleppo, and an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. We have also had some good and bad eco news...

Easy vegan tomato and lentil soup recipe

E.C.O. RecipeOur tried and tested favourites It’s starting to get colder by the day and the best thing about this weather is the comfort food but more specifically homemade soup […]

Three sustainable, eco clothing brands to follow

Here at E.C.O. we do not support fast fashion. However, there will always be a need for new items of clothing, and as we have been become a consumerist society we will most likely continue the desire to own new items of clothing. Before we go into some brands we support I would like to quickly remind readers of how to shop responsibly.

Weekly Environmental news update November 2019

With a part spaceship, part car named 'Bloodhound' aiming to break the land speed world record and a row over the December general election causing disruption to nativity plays we have had an interesting week of eco news.

Donate unwanted, old coats to homeless and needy with Wrap Up London

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are getting darker and colder, the blankets have come out along with the warm pyjamas, and although it’s only autumn it’s beginning to feel like winter is setting in. It’s hard to imagine not having these luxuries let alone a roof over your head, but that’s the reality for many people living on the streets

Weekly Environmental news update November 2019

In the past week it has been confirmed that we will have a general election, we've got a new Brexit deadline of 31 January, and we lost the Rugby World Cup to South Africa. Here's your weekly roundup of the top eco stories from the last 7 days

Weekly Environmental news update October 2019

Your weekly roundup of the top eco stories from the last 7 days. This week includes eco cars, christmas menus, new beetle discoveries, breaking down plastic and inevitably Trump has done something stupid.

How to measure your environmental impact

While calculating your carbon production might not be top on your list of things to do it’s a great way of monitoring your environmental impact and will open your eyes to what you can do to improve it

Easy, quick vegan cream cheese frosting recipe

While it seems unlikely that vegan cream cheese can taste the same as dairy it is definitely true! You can use this cream cheese on cakes (carrot and other), cupcakes, cinnamon swirls and so much more.

Best ever sticky vegan satay sauce recipe

Treat yourself and friends to the stickiest of satay dishes. This can be teamed with rice, noodles or salad. Completely vegan and endlessly moreish you might not want to share. This typically serves four but realistically two people could gorge on it easily