About E.C.O.

1. a person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment

In 2019 a few hopeful eco-warriors created a WhatsApp group which began with the words ‘This is the start of something beautiful’. Having shared a passion for the planet and plant based foods they’ve been swapping tips and tricks to develop their environmental awareness for a number of years.

Efforts Change Outcomes (E.C.O.) have created a community where honest advice is shared to support people who are eager to increase their environmental consciousness and aim to reduce actions causing damage to our beautiful planet.

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  • Product trials and reviews
  • Our favourite eco tips and tricks – from reducing your carbon footprint to living more sustainably
  • Tried and tested Vegetarian and Vegan recipes
  • (First-world) Problems of a wannabe eco-warrior
  • The latest sustainability, environment and scientific news centred around climate crisis
  • Interviews with amazing environmentally conscious people and companies
  • Environmental petitions

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