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BECO: The social good company and their plastic free soap – our review

Disclaimer: We have not been endorsed by BECO for this review we just love their products and company ethos! 

This month we want to highlight a social good company that we adore, and whose products we love and use daily. BECO, also known as better considered, is an eco friendly natural soap company that does good with every bar of soap produced.

From the ingredients we pour in, to the benefits that pour back out, every product we create is Better Considered.

BECO is a UK based company that produces 97% organic, biodegradable, vegan cruelty free soap. BECO pride themselves in their workforce who are 80% disabled, visually impaired or disadvantaged. Aside from their lovely soap I can’t help but love the ethos of this company and their wonderful employees who appear on the different soap boxes!

BECO the social good company

If all households in the UK used BECO in their bathrooms, consumers would help to create nearly 45,000 new jobs for people with disabilities.

Now down to the product, the soaps come in three scents; honey blossom, wild berries and spring meadow (we like the honey blossom best). They come both in the form of a bar and a foam soap. The bar soap comes in a cardboard box and is plastic free making it a guilt free purchase.

Did you know that liquid soap has 10x the carbon footprint of bar soap? 

I use the soap daily and have found that it’s gentle, doesn’t irritate the skin and smells lovely and fresh. One major plus for me is that it doesn’t go slimy or break up as it dries in the soap dish (which most other soaps do).

If you’re not into the idea of bar soap why not give their foam soap a try?While it does come in a plastic bottle it is recyclable and in comparison to ordinary liquid soap you can save up to 88 litres of water!

Their products are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 97% organic
  • Paraben and SLS free 
  • Recyclable packaging (the soap is plastic free) 
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Vegan
  • No animal testing

You might have already seen one of their great marketing campaigns #StealOurStaff which is quite literally asking companies to steal their staff. The campaign aims to get their employees hired and into new jobs so they in turn can hire more disabled and disadvantaged people and provide better prospects for disabled people. BECO believe that more companies should be hiring people with disabilities and this campaign gets to the heart of the issue.

They have also just released a new shampoo bar which is Argan Oil based and is hypoallergenic, plastic, paraben and SLS free.

You can find their products stocked at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Coop, and Boots.

Lauren works as a digital fundraiser for a charity and volunteers in her spare time for a small animal charity doing all things digital. On the last Sunday of the month you’ll catch her out on a canoe litter picking on the Thames. Her favourite eco product is BECO soap.

Lauren Morgan


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