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Weekly Environmental news update February 2020

Weekly E.C.O. roundup
Your weekly roundup of the top eco stories from the last 7 days

We hope you’re having a great weekend despite the weather! Here’s our round up of the biggest environmental news stories from the last 7 days.

Co-op to ban own brand non-recyclable plastics from shops by summer 2020

Co-op has announced that it will switch all of its own brand product packaging to recyclable plastic by summer this year. The plan is to replace current plastic non-recyclable packaging to ones that are either reusable or recyclable.
The recycling will be done by kerbside collection through their own new national collection programme. Currently the Co-op Group make hundreds of million of pieces of plastic which are non-recyclable.

Once the scheme is up and running around 750 million pieces of plastic will be recycled. The question is whether other major supermarkets will follow suit in the years to come. Would The Co-op’s move make you more likely to shop there?

Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record

In March 2015 the highest temperature on record in Antarctica was a scary 17.5C. The latest reading taken at Esperanza last week by an Argentinian research station thermometer has recoded the highest ever temperature of 18.3C.

This increase of 0.8C suggests that warming in Antarctica is happening at a faster rate than the global average. The World Meteorological Organisation has said it has heated by nearly 3C over the last 50 years. Last month was also Antarctica’s warmest January on record.

Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record

Environmental groups sue US government agency over drilling due to concerns for whales

Environmental groups believe that oil exploration in Alaska could kill the remaining endangered Beluga whales in the Cook Inlet. The latest estimate suggests that just 279 Beluga whales are left in the Cook Inlet, which is significantly down from 1,300 in 1979. In the past decade this equates to a decline of around 2.3%.

The Trump administration has loosened environmental restrictions since mid-2019 and has allowed for new mining, and oil/gas drilling. This could potentially be devastating for Beluga whales and their existence.

Sainsbury’s launches a new range of sustainable bedding

The Sleep More Sustainably range of environmentally friendly bedding is made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainably sourced cotton. Every double duvet set is made from around 48 recycled plastic bottles!

The range includes pillow cases, sheets, duvet covers and sets. They come in various colours including white, pink, blue and grey, plus they come in a range of patterns. The prices are really reasonable too with sets starting at £18 and they are currently on discount

Sainsbury's sustainable bedding sets

More than 1 in 19 deaths in Britain are linked to air pollution

The Centre for Cities charity, who develop urban policies with the government, have said that people living in UK towns and cities are 25x more like to die from exposure to poisonous air than a car crash. The charity is calling on the government to bring in stricter pollution guidelines.

More than 60% of roads nationwide exceed the World Health Organisation guidelines for toxic air levels. According to the government there are between 28,000 – 36,000 deaths per year attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution.

Lauren works as a digital fundraiser for a charity and volunteers in her spare time for a small animal charity doing all things digital. On the last Sunday of the month you’ll catch her out on a canoe litter picking on the Thames. Her favourite eco product is BECO soap.

Lauren Morgan

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