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Make your own raspberry infused gin – our recipe

E.C.O. Recipe
Our tried and tested favourites

Following on from our present article earlier this week, we have a great gift idea for gin lovers (or yourself) that’s low waste and super easy to make. This is a tried and tested recipe that was used last year for presents and went down really well. If you get going with the recipe this week you’ll have your gin ready in time for Christmas!

Raspberry gin recipe


1 litre of gin
350g raspberries
70g caster sugar


  1. Using a 2 litre clip lock jar (we use a kilner jar) put your raspberries and sugar in the jar and top with gin
  2. Give the jar a good shake until the sugar starts to dissolve
  3. Put in a cool dark place and leave for three weeks shaking every couple of days
  4. When the gin is ready strain it through a muslin cloth to remove any bits and decant into your gift bottles

This recipe is low waste because it uses minimal ingredients and those which it does come in recyclable packaging. For gifting you can re-purpose any glass bottles you have at home and make your own gift tags from paper and string.

Lauren works for a public health charity, has been vegetarian for 11 years (newly vegan this year) and volunteers for an animal charity in her spare time. Her favourite eco product is the Face Halo.

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