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Weekly Environmental news update November 2019

Weekly E.C.O. roundup
Your weekly roundup of the top eco stories from the last 7 days

In the past week it has been confirmed that we will have a general election, we’ve got a new Brexit deadline of 31 January, and we lost the Rugby World Cup to South Africa.

In environmental news:

Scottish council offers vegan food in all nurseries and schools

A Scottish council has agreed to offer vegan food in all of its schools and nurseries in West Dunbartonshire after a mother asked for vegan school meals for her five year old daughter. Last year the request was denied but this year with the help of The Vegan Society the change was granted.

Greta Thunberg rejects environmental prize

This week Greta Thunberg was offered the Nordic Council environmental prize, and £40,000, for her dedication and hard work towards raising environmental awareness but she rejected it, with thanks. Her reason for rejecting the award was; ‘the climate movement does not need any more awards. What we need is for our politicians and the people in power start to listen to the current, best available science’.

Pesticide poisoning in Guadeloupe and Martinique

A pesticide called chlordecone, which is linked to cancer, was sprayed on banana crops for two decades. The result of this is that nearly all the adult local residents have traces of it in their blood. Large amounts of soil are contaminated as are rivers and coastal waters.

Linda McCartney launches a new vegan Christmas range

This is by far one of the best things I’ve seen this week, where Christmas is related, as Linda McCartney has to be one of the best plant based brands with such a great range of plant based foods.
We’re talking red onion and rosemary stuffing balls, the reinvented turkey style roast and last but not least turkey and cranberry plait. I just hope it’s all freezable because I’m stocking up!

California’s oldest dairy farm transitions to almond farming

The Giacomazzi dairy farm made the announcement of the move from cows milk to sales of almonds and almond milk this week. The decision was made despite functioning as a dairy farm for over 125 years. The reason for the change was because the farm has been losing money over the past four years and almond sales have been on the increase.

New York City Council to ban foie gras

The bill will ban the sale of foie gras in shops and restaurants in New York City from 2022, following California’s example who banned the product earlier this year. The ban was enacted due to the animal cruelty concerns as the ducks are force fed by a tube three times a day which can increase the size of their liver up to 10 times. Those caught selling it could be fined $1000 and even imprisoned.

Lauren works for a public health charity, has been vegetarian for 11 years (newly vegan this year) and volunteers for an animal charity in her spare time. Her favourite eco product is the Face Halo.

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