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A quick guide on how to offset your carbon emissions

Offsetting carbon
The act of investing in environmental projects worldwide that remove carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for individuals and companies carbon footprints

Following on from our recent post about measuring your environmental impact this article will look at how you can offset your carbon and neutralise your carbon footprint.

While offsetting carbon isn’t a long term solution and we should all look at cutting down our carbon production, it is a temporary measure that will go some way to neutralise your carbon footprint.

The first step to offsetting your carbon is to find out how much carbon you are contributing by using a carbon calculator. There are lots of different ones online but the best I’ve found is

Some people and/or organisations use these calculators to offset their yearly footprint while others (like myself) use it to neutralise the carbon produced for a single activity such as a train journey or flight.

Offset your carbon footprint

Once you’ve calculated your footprint all you have to do is submit the number provided either onto the website or another offsetting website and choose the amount you want to donate/the project you want to support.

The projects range from planting trees in the UK (you can choose a specific region) to reforestation in Kenya. You can do a one off payment or you can set up a monthly subscription which is a great way to offset the carbon from your commute.

At E.C.O. we try to minimise activities that produce significant amounts of carbon but where we can’t or aren’t able to make that commitment we try and offset our carbon footprint for these activities. We aren’t perfect and (clearly) don’t profess to be but this one small action can help in the battle until we are able to tackle the problem head on.

Lauren works for a public health charity, has been vegetarian for 11 years (newly vegan this year) and volunteers for an animal charity in her spare time. Her favourite eco product is the Face Halo.

Lauren Morgan E.C.O

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