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Weekly Environmental news update October 2019

Reduce, Reuse, Review
Your weekly roundup of the top eco stories from the last 7 days

What a week.
Between Brexit updates (yawn), controversial Extinction Rebellion protests, and new eco pledges from supermarkets, universities and even the Mayor of London it’s been a pretty big week for the planet. Here’s some of the stories we found most memorable:

Extinction Rebellion Protests Banned…
On Monday the Met Police banned 2 or more people congregating in the same spot to protest on behalf of ER. The move was widely criticised as limiting the expression of free speech and the right to protest – especially on an issue that is going to affect everyone on the planet…

…And Then Disrupt Morning Rush Hour
Despite the protest bans, a number of ER protesters climbed on trains and glued themselves to public trains to disrupt people’s morning commutes. The move was widely condemned both by the majority of ER members and the general public. It raised the question of whether targeting commuters using public transport was the right way to go about raising awareness.

Sainsbury’s Bans Fireworks
Sainsburys has announced that this autumn it will not be selling fireworks. Fireworks are not only full of harmful chemicals and pollutants, but they also damage local wildlife and can be harmful to vulnerable people.

Pret Launches Vegan ‘Favourites’
Pret has always been ahead of the coffee shop game on it’s record of launching vegan options and pop ups including 3 now permenant Veggie Prets. Now the chain has announced that they will be launching vegan versions of some of their most popular snacks – Vegan Tuna Mayo Baguette anyone?

Slovakia Bans Fur Farming
It’s been announced that fur farms in Slovakia will be banned, coming into effect in 2021. Existing fur farms are being phased out over a longer period to limit the impact on businesses.

It’s not all good news however, in the run up to Halloween it is estimated that UK Halloween Costumes will generate the equivalent of 83 million plastic bottles which is seriously scary. If you are planning to dress up consider using something you already own and customising it with scrap items or fabric off cuts. Alternatively you could go full eco as the scariest of them all – the details about what is expected to happen to our planet in the next 50 years if we don’t sort out climate change (I’m joking… I think).

Katie is E.C.O’s resident maths nerd, and loves talking about the environment via all things facts and figures.
Based somewhere between Devon and London, she can probably be found running to the beach, trying the latest pop up vegan cafe or doing another instagram post about how great period undies are.

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