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Easy sustainable, eco beauty regime substitutes

Worldwide there’s an increasing number of beauty products in our daily beauty regimes from anti-wrinkle creams to facial serums. In a UK survey of 1,000 women it showed that they spent £482 on cosmetics on average, just think of all that plastic!

The idea behind this article, and basically everything we write at E.C.O., is to continue using what you have until it’s either used up or broken, and not binning your old products. Here are our top 5 quick beauty switches:

Nail files
How many nail files do you have in your nail bag? I can count six but do I need or use them? No. To cut down on waste next time you go to replace your old one try either a metal or glass one as these last for years! As well as saving you buying news ones it also saves money in the long run.

Hair brush/comb
Until recently I hadn’t even thought about my comb and brush being plastic because I’ve had them for years. While the plastic versions do last for years they do eventually wear out and end up in landfill. Both brushes and combs come in sustainable wood alternatives and most of which are mainly recyclable at the end of their lives.

Did you know that every single toothbrush you’ve ever owned still exists somewhere on the planet? In the U.S alone 1 billion toothbrushes are disposed of every year which is enough to wrap around the earth four times!* So when the time comes to replace your plastic toothbrush sub it out for a bamboo alternative. The handle is completely recyclable just snap off the head and check the recyclability of the bristles.

Everyday eco replacements toothbrushes

Ordinary tubes of toothpaste are sold in composite tubes (made from various different materials) making them not often recyclable at the curb. One alternative which is gaining rapid popularity is jars of toothpaste which come in glass containers with metal lids and are 100% recyclable. Alternatively you can try toothpaste tablets which you chew and brush with.

Dental floss
Most dental floss comes in plastic packaging and yes you’ve guessed it it’s also made of plastic. Next time you’re in need of floss have a look online or in a health food shop for 100% biodegradable floss. It comes either in a cardboard box or a glass container and metal lid which can be reused time after time.

Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought and next time you go shopping you can keep an eye out for your new replacements!

Lauren works for a public health charity, is our resident vegetarian (11 years!) and volunteers for an animal charity in her spare time. Her favourite eco product is the Face Halo.


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