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How to make your own dry shampoo and save plastic

Eco beauty hack
An everyday life hack that saves you time and money, and helps the environment

If you have oily hair you will know what a life saver a can of dry shampoo can be. Ever had one of those days where your hair looked fine the day before but in the morning it looks oily, slept through your alarm or just not had the energy or motivation to wash your hair? Then this is the article for you.

Until recently I had been using cans of dry shampoo but made the switch to (virtually) waste free after realising the impact of waste each can caused. Aerosol cans are actually quite difficult to recycle as they must be completely empty, clean and dry which is often hard to achieve.

In my search for an alternative I came across a DIY dry shampoo two ingredient recipe which at first sounded too good to be true. After a failed attempt at application it’s now my go to hair fix!

So how can these two kitchen ingredients really work? The cornflour absorbs the oil while the cocoa powder/rye flour provides the colour. The first time I tried using it I used my fingers and just as a heads up it doesn’t work! The key is in the application so make sure you apply using an old makeup brush working through a few layers towards the top layer.


To store it you can just pop it in an old container or tupperware – I used an old face powder plastic container. This also makes it handy for when you’re travelling or on the go as it only needs to be in a small pot and it isn’t heavy.

One tip I have is to refrain form running your fingers through your hair as you’ll have brown residue on them but the cocoa smells delicious and will have you craving chocolate by the end of the day.


2 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp cocoa powder/light rye flour or a combination (depending on your hair colour)


  1. Sift both ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly
  2. Transfer into a small container

Overall as an eco replacement it’s really effective and cuts out a lot of waste from aerosol cans. It gets you through that last day before you wash your hair and couldn’t be quicker and easier!

Lauren works for a public health charity, is our resident vegetarian (11years!) and volunteers for an animal charity in her spare time. Her favourite eco product is the Face Halo.

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