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Phone apps which help stop food waste and save the planet

Food saving apps
Apps that allow you to rescue food from the rubbish and save carbon

In the last year there has been an increase in the number of food saving apps. This is unsurprising because each year in the UK over 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away and this waste is estimated to be worth £17 billion a year.* If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter behind China and the United States.*

It’s estimated for each tonne of food waste that is prevented it results in 4.2 tonnes of CO2 being saved so its an easy way to save on carbon.

Too good to go

The first food saving app we tried was Too Good To Go. It launched with the simple aim of saving surplus food from cafes and restaurants from the rubbish bin. It’s a really simple app to use just download, pop in your postcode, set the time you want to collect, search for left over food, purchase and collect.

We mainly use these apps either when we’ve forgotten our lunch or we’re going for works drinks and need a snack before. With all of these apps you can often go in with your own container and fill it up to save plastic, although sometimes they have already boxed it up or it’s sold in a container already.

Listings on the app include both independent cafes and restaurants alongside chains such as Greggs, Costa Coffee, Paul and so many more. Everything we’ve bought from the app so far has been great quality, fresh and an absolute deal.

One of the best things about Too Good To Go is every time you save some food you are given an estimate on the amount of carbon you’ve saved from the atmosphere. So far they’ve saved over 839.166 meals which is over 2.130.191 Kg of CO2!

Karma is another food saving app and similarly to Too Good To Go it offers food from big companies through to small independent local bakeries. With over 1 million food items saved from disposal it’s safe to say they’re really doing their bit for the environment and they operate in over 150 cities.

Most food on the app is significantly reduced, often up to half price, and it’s still super fresh. To get your food just put in your location, reserve, pay and collect. You can even favourite certain restaurants/cafes and receive notifications when they have food available!

Olio app

We really hate household food waste but sometimes it’s inevitably going to happen so the best way to combat it is through the Olio app. The gist of the it is to either collect or donate food about to expire or not being used for free. To get food just put in your location and reserve or to sell just list your item and wait for a message!

It is mainly a food waste app although it does have a non-food section and we’ve seen everything from cat food to vaseline on offer! So far the app has saved the equivalent of 5,049,294 car miles.

While these apps can be a bit of a lifesaver sometimes the drawback is that they’re only available in some areas so it’s worth a look to see if they’re up and running in your area.

Get downloading the app, ordering some discounted grub and all the while saving the planet, what’s not to love!

Lauren works for a public health charity, is our resident vegetarian (11years!) and volunteers for an animal charity in her spare time. Her favourite eco product is the Face Halo.


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