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Switch your energy supplier to save emissions at home

Renewable Energy
Energy that comes from a source that cannot be depleted, for example wind and solar power

Time is running out on the climate emergency. In fact, if we don’t get our emissions under control pretty much immediately then scientists are in agreement that by 2030 it will be late to stay under the 1.5 degree threshold at which catastrophic consequences begin to affect first the most vulnerable, but eventually everyone on the planet.

There are lots of ways to cut your emissions drastically; going vegan, reducing your consumption of throwaway items like fast fashion and giving up your car. But with around 30% of all emissions in the UK related to energy use, another way to reduce your footprint can be found much closer to home.

Switching energy providers is something you only really hear about on TV adverts trying to draw you in with a better rate. But many of the big providers have some of the worst green energy credentials.

  • EDF Energy: 8.8% renewable energy
  • nPower: 7.3% renewable energy
  • E.ON: 29.4% renewable energy
  • British Gas: 40% renewable energy
  • Ovo Energy: 64.7% renewable energy

Some of these numbers may not seem too bad, but renewable energy companies like Bulb and Green Energy operate using 100% renewable energy sources for their electricity. They also often offer pricing tariffs that are on par or cheaper than the main stream suppliers.

Switching energy providers is super easy nowadays, with the company you’re switching to usually taking care of the majority of the work including informing your old company that you’re leaving. The green energy providers generally use a mix of a variety of renewable sources including wind, solar and maybe even tidal energy depending on where you live. So you can reduce your carbon emissions almost entirely compared to traditional fossil fuel based providers.

Check out local green energy providers in your area and see if you can make this small change to have a big impact on the outcome of your electricity use.

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