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Our review of Ecosia, the search engine which plants trees to save the planet

Do you use your phone or the computer to browse the web? Well we’ve got one small everyday change that can quite literally help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and save the world (or at least contribute towards saving it). It’s free, quick and simple… change your web browser.

In December 2009 a search engine called Ecosia was born and since then they have been helping the planet one internet search at a time. The company fund the planting of one tree roughly every second in countries that needs them the most. For every 45 internet searches completed Ecosia plants on average one tree.

While it may not sound like they could have managed to plant that many trees since 2009 they have planted over 62 million trees, at the time of writing this, with the help of 7 million users!

Ecosia map

Ecosia is super easy to download and use, just simply type your search in the toolbar and away you go! So how do they make money to plant all these trees? While Google, Bing and other search engines pocket the revenue from advertising Ecosia give 80% of profits to planting trees – can you see why we love them so much? P.S they don’t have any job vacancies in the UK, damn!

Now the fun part is that there is a counter in the top right corner of your browser which represents the number of trees you’ve helped to plant by using Ecosia. The search engine also highlights websites which are ‘greener’ according to their website represented by a little green leaf next to their search result.

To top it off Ecosia are more than just CO2 neutral, their servers run on 100% renewable energy and every search created removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. In June this year they built their own solar energy plant to power every search.

This week Ecosia have announced that they will be planting an additional 1 million trees in Brazil in reaction to President Bolsonaro’s new policies. Since the President came into power eight months ago deforestation in Brazil has increased by a staggering 84%.

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has hit its highest rate in a decade. Around 7,900 sq km of it was destroyed between August 2017 and July 2018 – an area nearly five times the size of London. With every living tree absorbing as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide a year it’s more important than ever that we help to lower the impact of global warming.

If this article has made you feel inspired then download Ecosia on your home laptop, work computer, and on ios for your phone. If you’re feeling particularly green fingered then check out this website which provides information on local tree planting initiatives in London, alternatively if you live outside of London or the UK Ecosia search (see what I did there) ‘volunteer to plant trees’. The Woodland Trust are also running a tree planting scheme where they are providing free trees for schools and communities.

Happy browsing!

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