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Sustainable activewear brand TALA in review

Affordable activewear made from plastic bottles

Grace Beverley has taken the world by storm in the last few years. The 20 something oxford graduate has long been an advocate for veganism, sustainability and all things fitness, with a successful YouTube channel and Instagram with over a million followers. While at uni she launched the GraceFitGuide (GFG); a community for young women to come together to support each other which has become wildly successful and placed her firmly in the halls of social media fame.

Source: Youtube

Determined to use her success for good, Grace has launched two major businesses, first the re-branding of her existing GraceFit gym equipment to B_ND and secondly launching an activewear brand called TALA. Both brands share the common goal of bringing high quality, sustainable products to the market at affordable prices.

Having long been a fan of the GraceFit brand (in particular the booty bands – if you don’t own one of these what are you even doing in the gym?), here at E.C.O. we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new TALA activewear. The material is made of plastic bottles and industry offcuts that would otherwise go to waste, come in biodegradable packaging, are made ethically AND are modelled on a diverse range of people. As most activewear brands are either crazy expensive or have questionable ethics (looking at you Nike), it’s exciting to see a brand that is affordable and ethical.

Oh, and they look bloody fantastic too.

Source: weareTALA Instagram
Source: weareTALA Instagram

Marketed at around the same price point as similar styles from Gymshark but far more eco friendly, the real question was: are they actually any good? We managed to nab ourselves some of the Core range to find out.

First up the Hosta Shorts. Saving over 22 litres of water and 1kg of CO2 compared to non up-cycled Polyamide, they have strong eco credentials. We can also confirm they look super cute and are 100% squat and sweat proof even during the sweatiest of gym sessions. The material is probably closer to Gymshark than Lulu but it still feels super soft and supportive.

The Zahara Bra is just as eco friendly; saving over 14 litres of water and 0.5kg of CO2 compared to non up-cycled Polyamide. It’s super supportive and has loads of great features like a locking zip that doesn’t fall down.

The TALA ranges launch in ‘collections’ and sell out pretty much instantly, so we recommend keeping an eye on the TALA Instagram if you’re hoping to expand your eco activewear horizons. Making the effort to reduce the outcomes of your activewear addiction just got easier.

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