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An interview with Club Cultured, the best Tempeh pop up restaurant in the UK

Our ‘Meet’ articles are our way of showcasing and celebrating the efforts of normal, lovely people who are changing the world’s outcomes both big and small.

We loved speaking to Harry from Club Cultured who are brining tasty tempeh subs to tummies near you.

Our bit:

What they do: Club Cultured travel around the country delivering unreal tempeh dishes to pop-ups and festival goers. They bring the chilled beach vibes of Bali to UK eco-warriors as well as the party by playing with fun flavours.

Why we love Club Cultured: They have taken one of our favourite (and underrated) vegan foods – tempeh – and turned the heat up. Not only are they passionate about the food they create, but they want to share the health benefits of tempeh and environmental impacts of eating sustainably. They are also concerned about waste in the food industry and exploring using their production waste to help other eco organisations.

How we know Club Cultured: We found Club Cultured at our last trip to Vegan Nights in Brick Lane, London. They were posted next to the DJ and were bopping while serving up some insane subs. (check out their tempeh escalope, sundried tomatoes with garlic pesto mayo).

Their bit:

Who are Club Cultured and what is your story?

I’m Harry and I am 1/3 of the founders of Club Cultured alongside two of my best mates. We are a Bali inspired, ethical, modern Club set to put Cultured products at the forefront of people’s daily lives. Our main focus at the moment is production of our organic non-GMO soy bean Tempeh, which is made using zero plastic and packed in biodegradable bags. We want to produce the most nutritionally dense, ethically produced plant based protein around. We officially launched in November 2018 but worked solidly on our idea for 5 months prior to that.

What challenges have you faced in your eco mission?

Sourcing biodegradable packaging was the first hurdle we overcame but we are not resting on our laurels. We plan on switching to a compostable option that will decompose within 6 months! One of the biggest challenges is convincing meat eaters to give tempeh a try as it is at the complete other end of the spectrum to what they are used to. But this is a challenge we are embracing and facing head on as there is nothing more satisfying than opening people’s eyes to the magic of eating plants!

What is your top eco tip?

Get yourself a water bottle! such a simple tip but very easy to implement. You will cut down on the amount of plastic you use and also drink adequate amounts of water to thrive.

What do you think people should know about this organisation?

That we are creating a Club for the new human. We want to be a community that links together people who are going to take the world in the direction it needs to go for future generations to have a healthy planet.

What about your organisation are you most proud of?

Seeing people’s reactions to trying our Tempeh and hearing feedback from the restaurants we are supplying. In the next few months we plan on expanding our production facility, the skins from the beans are going to go to our local animal sanctuary as feed and we are having tests done on the waste water from the fermentation to see if we can use it for bio fuels. We should be ready to sell online in the next couple of months and will be coming to a shop near you very shortly.

Small print: This is not an ad. Club Cultured have not sent us anything in return for this post. We are shouting loud to the rooftops to help support people who are making efforts to change outcomes!

If you have something worth shouting about and want us to Meet: you please contact us! We are interested in talking to anyone who has made a positive environmental impact either big or small.

Grace works for a School Improvement Partnership and is our resident ocean lover. Having worked as a scuba instructor in Indonesia she has picked up her fair share of ocean plastic. Her favourite eco product is Oliva Olive Oil Soap.

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