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A review of reusable bread bags

Bread bag
The perfect solution to single use plastic bread bags

For my birthday my boyfriend, after lots of hints and nudges, bought me a reusable bread bag from Lakeland. While I don’t eat a lot of bread I do sometimes I get a craving for it, who can resist warm bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

It turns out I’m not the only one as bread is one of the UK’s favourite foods with 99% of households buying bread – which equates to almost 12 million loaves being sold each day and most of which in single use plastic. In recent decades a high percentage of bread is being bought in supermarkets, and increasingly less in bakeries, and wrapped in single use plastic bags. While these plastic bread bags are recyclable they can only be recycled at large supermarkets that have a carrier bag collection point.

Since getting the Lakeland bread bag I haven’t looked back. The bag has a nice print and comes in two sizes so I bought the smaller of the two which holds a standard loaf with a bit of space to spare. If you’re buying for multiple people or eat a lot of bread it would be worth buying the larger bag.

Since getting my bread bag I either buy my bread from a bakery, Waitrose or Planet Organic as they sell their fresh bread loose although Waitrose does now supply paper bags in their bakery section. I’ve had a lot of compliments about the bag and ‘what a good idea it is’ so hopefully it will catch on!

One thing I have noticed is the bag’s drawstring closure doesn’t quite keep the bread air tight like plastic however, an extra knot around the bag with the string does the job in keeping it fresher.

•  Negates the use of single use plastic
•  It’s durable so can be used for years
•  Easily hand washable
•  Support local business and buy from a bakery
•  Comes in two sizes depending upon the size of your family/how much bread you eat

•  It doesn’t keep bread quite as fresh as plastic – however an extra knot with a piece of string does help
•  It’s lined with plastic

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