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Ultimate vegan pancakes recipe

If I could choose any song to represent my dream life, it would be Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. It’s the ultimate lazy Saturday morning anthem, and also just happens to be an ode to one of my favourite food groups (and yes I do consider it a whole food group): the pancake.

So let’s chat about pancakes. I know pancake day has been and gone (*sob*), but let’s face it pancakes are a year round comfort food essential. I’ve been struggling to find a vegan recipe that’s as good as the non-vegan one that I pretty much existed off of at uni, but I think I’ve finally got there. The secret is to stay away from those ‘3 ingredient’, ‘super simple’ recipes and give yo ‘cakes a lil time and attention. Bare with the slightly longer ingredients list because I promise it’s worth it.

So jump into your fave jammies, slip on your softest slippers, turn up the Jack Johnson and read on for the vegan pancake recipe that will change your world.

Recipe inspired by PETA

Makes Two Pancake Stacks 


– 1 cup plain flour. You can also use rice flour if you’re super fancy or, like me, have a bag left over from that time you thought you might be gluten intolerant.

-1 cup oats (or swap for 2/3 oats and 1/3 cup of unflavoured cooking protein powder if you are into that kinda thing)

– 4 teaspoons vanilla essence

– 3 tbsp baking powder

– 1 cup hazelnut milk

– 1-2 overripe bananas (if they aren’t ripe then put them in the oven for five mins, also works for banana bread thank me later xo)


– Chuck everything in a food processor and blend until the mix is smooth.

– Heat up a pan over a low-ish heat. Add some coconut oil and let it melt.

– Add a small amount of batter (you should be able to easily cook two pancakes in the same pan at once which is fab if like me you are super impatient) and then leave it until you see bubbles forming on the top. Flip and cook off for another minute or so then take off the heat.

– Repeat until you’ve got a whole stack, adding coconut oil between each round.

– Finish with your fave toppings. Mine are blueberry yog, fruit, and maple syrup. One day I will get my hands on some edible flowers and take my pancakes to the next level but until then some neatly chopped up strawberries will have to do…

Aaaaaaand enjoy! This dish is best served with some strong coffee, your favourite chill out vinyl and a good book.

May all your mornings be as easy as Jack Johnson’s life in Banana Pancakes xx

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