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Easy peasy vegan lemon drizzle cake recipe

When life gives you lemons go and buy the rest of the ingredients to make this super easy vegan lemon drizzle cake! It’s super quick and easy to make and is a big crowd pleaser for vegans and dairy eaters alike.

What you’ll need
•  320g of self raising flour
•  230g of caster sugar
•  1 lemon
•  115ml of vegetable oil
•  200ml cold water
For the drizzle:
•  1 lemon
•  175g of icing sugar
•  Additional toppings can include lemon rind and lavender

What to do:

Top Tips
•  Only grate the top layer of the lemon rind! Turn the lemon after every grating as this stops you adding the white pith which has a bitter taste
• To get the most juice out of your lemon using the palm of your hand roll it back and forth along the work surface with firm pressure as this helps to break down the lemon and you’ll get more juice!


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