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Wash your clothes sustainably with the plastic free laundry product – the EcoEgg

Eco Egg Laundry Egg
The perfect solution to washing powder and fabric softener.

For my birthday I received an ecoegg laundry egg and I won’t lie as much as I wanted to love it I was quite sceptical. Using the egg for the first time was really simple you just add three sachets of the white pellets, one sachet of the dark ones, and click the egg closed. To use just pop the egg in your washing machine on top of your washing and voila!

I used it for the first time this month on a 30 degree quick wash and was pleasantly surprised. The package states that it has a hint of fresh linen which I could vaguely smell but I was more impressed by the clothes coming out feeling soft. Conveniently for me they sell the ecoegg in Lakeland where you can also buy the refills.

It says in the instructions to refill the pellets every 72 washes and if you’re anything like me then it would be a struggle to remember, but you can tell when they need topping up because the white pellets will be half the size!

What’s so eco about it? The egg itself is plastic but it’s made from 100% recyclable material and the little plastic bags that contain the pellets are also recyclable. The pellets provided with the egg last around 210 washes and are cheap to top up – significantly cheaper than laundry detergent and fabric softener. Alongside the saving in cost you’re also helping the environment because you’re saving around 700,000 tonnes of washing detergent from polluting our water system every year.

• Recyclable egg and all packaging
• 100% hypoallergenic 
• Super cost effective
• Not tested on animals
• Safe for hand washing
• Shorten your rinse cycle – it doesn’t leave soapy residue on clothes
• Dermatologically tested so it’s safe for sensitive skin
• Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that pollute the environment
• 10 year guarantee

• You can’t wash over 60 degrees with the eco egg – but that’s not eco behaviour anyway!
• The egg requires room to circulate in the drum so the load can’t be too full
• You can’t use a reduced water setting on your washing machine as the egg needs sufficient water to work

The ecoegg is the biggest saver of chemicals I’ve encountered and is super cheap to use – so long laundry detergent!

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