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Cut the cling film and get a sustainable alternative

Keep Leaf snack packs
The perfect solution to disposable plastic sandwich/snack bags

This time last year I was looking for eco presents for Grace’s birthday and came across the Keep Leaf snack pack. They seemed really practical and were really cute too so I bought one for her and naturally bought one for myself too. 

The snack pack quickly became one of my favourite eco purchases as it’s lightweight, flat packs and saves money.

The snack pack bags come in a range of patterns and sizes making them perfect for any snack fiend. It can be used for sandwiches, which is mainly what I use it for, but you could also use it for grapes, biscuits, carrot sticks, or basically anything that doesn’t leak. Much like sandwich bags your food will get squashed as it doesn’t have any structural rigidity but then again this makes them flat pack when you’ve finished your snack.

They are sold on various websites but I bought them on the Babipur website which specialises in ethical shopping for kids. They do however have a Keepleaf website, US based, and they also sell them on the Ethical Superstore.

The pros
• Saves on plastic waste from clingfilm and sandwich bags
• Super lightweight and space saving unlike tupperware 
• Great for when you’re on the move or not near shops
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
• Making sandwiches is way cheaper and saves on plastic waste

The cons
• Unlike tupperware or even some plastic sandwich bags it can’t hold liquid
• Much like a sandwich bag it doesn’t hold its shape so food can get squashed

The snack pack is a perfect travel companion, it keeps me from getting hangry, looks cute, and most importantly saves on plastic! Make this small effort to invest in a change which will improve outcomes.

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