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Quick vegan recipe for summer salad

‘Quick Vegan’
Vegan meals made in under 20 minutes

Our ‘Quick Vegan:’ series are short, sharp pieces that get to the point. You’re a busy person who needs to eat, so check out our simple recipes that get from screen to stomach in 20m or less.

But while you are here…

Two chickpeas are walking down the road, when one suddenly starts throwing up.
“Hey man are you okay ?”
“No man, I falafel”

Summer Salad:

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 Baby Gem lettuce
  • 3-5 Falafel (we used GOSH Mediterranean falafel)
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 2 picked beetroot
  • 3-5 tomatoes (we used plum)
  • A handful of walnuts
  • Balsamic vinegar glaze
  • Drizzle of olive oil

What to do:

  • Roast the tomatoes for 10 mins in the olive oil at 190 degrees
  • Cut or pull apart the lettuce
  • Slice the avocado and beetroot and place on top of the leaves
  • When the tomatoes have 5 mins to go put the falafel in the oven (or microwave for two mins)
  • Chop the walnuts and sprinkle over the salad
  • Take the tomatoes and falafel out and place them on top of the salad
  • Drizzle the balsamic glaze all over
  • Tuck in

Want to make this veggie? Just add goats cheese.

Want a more Moroccan vibe? Switch the Avocado for cubed red pepper and cook alongside the tomatoes, swap the walnuts for pine nuts and add dried apricots.

Got a recommendation to add to our Quick Vegan: series? Let us know.

Grace works for a School Improvement Partnership and is our resident ocean lover. Having worked as a scuba instructor in Indonesia she has picked up her fair share of ocean plastic. Her favourite eco product is Oliva Olive Oil Soap.

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