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A review of The Body Shop’s Himalayan charcoal face soap bar

Face soap bar
The alternative solution to plastic bottles of face wash

Since the beginning of this year in my mission to cut down on single use plastic I’ve cut out tubes of face wash. Instead I’ve started using a face wash bar wrapped in recyclable and mostly non-plastic packaging. I had some initial reservations; the face wash bar might dry out my skin, it wouldn’t provide enough of a scrub to make my face feel clean, and it would hurt my eyes.

My first bar of face soap was The Body Shop’s Himalayan charcoal purifying facial soap. At first it seemed odd lathering up a bar of soap that was actually for your face but it exceeded my expectations. I have normal to slightly oily skin and the soap kept my skin in its natural state without drying it out like I thought it might.

The bar was easy to use, travelled well especially as there’s no chance of leakages, and lasted for about nine months which was super cost effective for £4. For me there were no negatives about the Himalayan face soap and last time I went into The Body Shop it was sold out so it seems to be proving popular!

My next trial was the Lush Coalface cleansing charcoal bar and it left me lacking. For the first few days I liked the soap but I realised over the week that it wasn’t as good as I initially thought. It left black residue over the sink after every use making it looking dirty, and therefore making me use more cleaning products, and it also stopped lathering the older/smaller it got. While it wasn’t a bad face soap I don’t know if I would be re-purchasing in a hurry.

My current face wash bar is the Lush Movis face wash bar next and this was another hit. I like a face wash with a bit of scrub so this one was for me. It has bits of bread crumbs in it apparently which makes it the best one for scrubbing yet still being kind to the skin.

Initially I used it by lathering up in my hands but after a couple of goes I began just rubbing the soap on my face which was much more effective. It feels very natural on the skin and it’s just all round a really nice face wash. This one’s still on trial so it’s hard to say how long it will last for but so far I’m really happy with it.

As a full routine I like to use my face wash bars in conjunction with my shiny new toy; the Face Halo which you can read about in my other product review.

• Save on plastic waste
• More economical than face wash
• More natural ingredients for your skin
• Less/no nasties for the environment

• Some of the charcoal soap bars leave black residue around the sink
• Not all bars give you the scrub that you might want or need
• With some of the soaps you need to be a little wary around your eyes but this applies to most face washes

Face wash bars have proved to be a massive success for me, and my partner isn’t complaining, so I gladly won’t be returning to plastic and will be a repeat buyer of the Himalayan charcoal and Movis soaps.

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