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Stop using non-biodegradable face wipes, use Face Halo instead – a review

Face Halo
The perfect solution to disposable face wipes

Face wipes are a necessity for most women and often end up being the quickest and most convenient go-to makeup remover but it turns out it’s a pretty dirty habit. In reality face wipes actually do minimal cleaning as they essentially just move the dirt and pollution around your face.

On average 730 wipes are used by the average makeup wearer every year and they take over 100 years to breakdown in landfill so not only are you cheating your skin but also the environment.

My new favourite skincare product at the moment is the Face Halo. Recommended to me by a friend I thought I’d give it a go because since moving to face soap I find my skin doesn’t get a proper exfoliation and I’m all for trying new products!

Up until this year I had been using a face wash with exfoliating walnut pieces in a plastic tube and for my eyes, very sparingly but guiltily, face wipes. I was quite sceptical of the Halo at first as the packaging claims that it ‘quickly and easily removes makeup using only water’. Did they really mean without a scrub or soap? They really did…

On appearances the pad is no more than 8cm in diameter and is soft and fluffy. The HaloTech fibres are 100x finer than a human hair meaning it can catch the dirt in all the hard to reach places.

On the first use I soaked the Halo in warm water, splashed my face and wiped my face all over with it (no need to scrub) and I was done. When I had a look at the pad afterwards it was covered in the makeup. I repeated the process, cleaning the Halo with a mild soap between cleanses, and found that still more makeup came off on the pad. For most people I’m sure that using the Halo with water is enough but for me I like to feel like I’ve scrubbed and fully cleaned my face.

After another few goes with just the Halo and water I discovered a routine that I found more effective for me: I washed my face with soap, rinsed, and then went over my whole face with the pad. Initially I wasn’t too sure about cleaning my eyes with the Halo as I didn’t want to scrub at them but the pack suggests holding the pad against each eye for ten seconds and it helps to loosen mascara. I trialled this and after a few times, wiping both the top and bottom lashes separately, it worked perfectly leaving me with smudge free eyes in the morning.

One thing that I have to thank the Halo for is that it has made me realise that for the past 10 years I’ve been wearing makeup I haven’t been removing it properly!

Initially I had problems removing my eye makeup but it was just a process of trial and error, otherwise I didn’t have any problems with the product. I would recommend buying two of the Face Halos so that you can wash them frequently and avoid build-up of make up or soap residue on the pads.

• Non toxic
• Reusable
• Recyclable just go on their website and send back to them
• It can replace up to 500 single use makeup wipes
• Free from chemicals
• Gentle on your face
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Machine washable up to 200x
• Cheaper than face wipes over a year’s use
• PETA approved

• To fully remove your makeup you may need to wash face first
• It comes packaged in a plastic sleeve (although it is recyclable)

For being a small pad, and an inexpensive £7, it’s pretty mighty at removing makeup. While I wouldn’t use the Face Halo without face soap on a daily basis I would highly recommend in addition to your usual face soap routine.


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