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A review of plastic free THINX Period Pants

Between the ages of 16 and 22 I lived every woman’s dream. I had the contraceptive implant and it stopped my periods with basically no side effects. Teenage memories of worrying about tampons and overnight maxi pads that were akin to wearing a nappy were quickly forgotten as I sailed into adulthood and through uni without any worries about cramps or leaks. 

Sadly though, to quote Adele, all good things come to an end. Periods stormed back into my life just after my 23rd birthday and I had to learn how to cope all over again. When I was younger I sort of just accepted that pads and tampons were the only two options, but as an adult who (I like to think) is pretty clued up on the inequalities women face there was no way I was gonna just accept that shoving a chlorinated, processed strip of cotton that could kill me into my body for a quarter of every month was the ‘best’ that there was.

The more I learned about mainstream tampons the more I knew that they weren’t going to be a feasible option for me. Beyond the health concerns like TSS and the chemicals, most modern tampons come in plastic wrap and applicators which produces a crazy amount of unnecessary waste.

It was probably around then that THINX entered my life via an eco blogger called Ella Denton. I heard of period pants before but honestly they just sounded awful. I’d seen those brightly coloured reusable pads at eco fairs and they filled me with dread, and there was absolutely no way I was going to be wearing a full size, adult nappy version for 5 days a month.

The thing that struck me about THINX is that they just looked like normal black undies. They even did thong which I was immediately intrigued by and brought me to my next question – did they actually work?

After reading a lot of reviews I decided to take the leap of faith and order some. They aren’t cheap, clocking in at about 30 quid a pair (slightly cheaper for thongs and slightly more for high waisted styles), but on reflection they are something that will last for ages and are super ethically made, so are worth the money.

The first time I used them I was super nervous. They aren’t thick at all and don’t feel like you’re wearing protection which is a really weird feeling. But they worked perfectly. I usually wear mine either at the beginning or the end of my period, or as a backup for when I’m using my mooncup, but one of my friends swears by them for the entirety of her cycle.

Since my first forage into the world of THINX I have gone back and stocked up on more pairs, including their running shorts which have been a total game changer for working out. The main thing I have taken away from it is how empowering it is to take control over your periods, and to look and feel good whilst doing it. It’s also great for the environment as THINX are completely reusable and zero waste – so none of the issues associated with tampons or pads.

If you want to try a pair of THINX get in contact with JodieLouiseMB for a money off code!

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